Date: 27 Jan 2011

Recombinant Antigen Microarrays for Serum/Plasma Antibody Detection

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Recombinant antigen arrays represent a new frontier in parallel analysis of multiple immune response profiles requiring only minute blood samples. In this article, we review the benefits and pitfalls of recombinant antigen microarrays developed for multiplexed antibody quantification. In particular, we describe the development of antigen arrays presenting a set of Y chromosome-encoded antigens, called H-Y antigens. These H-Y antigens are immunologically recognized as minor histocompatibility antigens (mHA) following allogeneic blood and organ transplantation. Clinically relevant B-cell responses against H-Y antigens have been demonstrated in male patients receiving female hematopoietic stem cell grafts and are associated with chronic graft versus host development. This chapter discusses our recombinant antigen microarray methods to measure these clinically relevant allo-antibodies.