Protocols for Adult Stem Cells

Volume 621 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology™ pp 149-163


Preparation of Adult Muscle Fiber-Associated Stem/Precursor Cells

  • Michael J. ConboyAffiliated withDepartment of BioEngineering, University of California
  • , Irina M. ConboyAffiliated withDepartment of BioEngineering, University of California Email author 

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In our studies of muscle regeneration we have developed, modified, and optimized techniques to isolate and study the stem and precursor cells to muscle tissue. Our goals have been to obtain for study muscle fibers in bulk, or the fiber-associated cells, separately from the other cells found in muscle. Using these techniques, myofiber-associated cells may be isolated from neonatal through adult muscle, from resting or from regenerating muscle, thus allowing one to investigate the cellular populations participating during the time course of these events. The protocol is applicable to any age and condition of muscle and may be adapted for other tissues.

Key words

Satellite cell Myoblast Myofiber Hepatocyte Muscle Myogenic Myogenesis Adult stem cell