Molecular Epidemiology of Microorganisms

Volume 551 of the series Methods in Molecular Biology™ pp 71-87


Molecular Genotyping of Microbes by Multilocus PCR and Mass Spectrometry: A New Tool for Hospital Infection Control and Public Health Surveillance

  • David J. EckerAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , Christian MassireAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , Lawrence B. BlynAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , Steven A. HofstadlerAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , James C. HannisAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , Mark W. EshooAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , Thomas A. HallAffiliated withIbis Biosciences
  • , Rangarajan SampathAffiliated withIbis Biosciences

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We describe a new technology for the molecular genotyping of microbes using a platform known commercially as the Ibis T5000. The technology couples multilocus polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to electrospray ionization/mass spectrometry (PCR/ESI-MS) and was developed to provide rapid, high-throughput, and precise digital analysis of either isolated colonies or original patient specimens on a platform suitable for use in hospital or reference diagnostic laboratories or public health settings. The PCR/ESI-MS method measures digital molecular signatures from microbes, enabling real-time epidemiological surveillance and outbreak investigation. This technology will facilitate understanding of the pathways by which infectious organisms spread and will enable appropriate interventions on a time frame not previously achievable.

Key words

Molecular genotyping mass spectrometry PCR/ESI-MS base composition Ibis T5000