Plant Reproduction

ISSN: 2194-7953 (Print) 2194-7961 (Online)


Plant Reproduction (known as Sexual Plant Reproduction until the end of 2012) is a journal devoted to publishing high-quality research in the field of reproductive processes in plants. Article formats include original research papers, expert reviews, methods reports and opinion papers. Articles are selected based on significance for the field of plant reproduction, spanning from the induction of flowering to fruit development. Topics include but are not limited to:- Floral induction & flower organ development
- Meiosis
- Male & female gametogenesis
- Pollen tube growth and guidance
- Self-incompatibility 
- Fertilization mechanisms
- Apomixis
- Embryogenesis
- Seed biology
- Fruit development
- Epigenetics & imprinting
- Quantitative analysis of reproduction
- Modelling of reproductive mechanisms
- Evolution of reproductive systems & speciation
- Biotechnological applications in reproductionStudies in model organisms where mechanisms of reproduction can be supported by genetic or biochemical evidence are strongly encouraged.

5-Year Impact Factor: 2.117 (2012)*


27 Volumes 128 Issues 1,030 Articles available from 1988 - 2014

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