Parasitology Research

Founded as Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde

ISSN: 0932-0113 (Print) 1432-1955 (Online)


The journal Parasitology Research covers the latest developments in parasitology across a variety of disciplines, including biology, medicine and veterinary medicine. Among many topics discussed are chemotherapy and control of parasitic disease, and the relationship of host and parasite.

Other coverage includes: Protozoology, Helminthology, Entomology; Morphology (incl. Pathomorphology, Ultrastructure); Biochemistry, Physiology including Molecular Biology; Parasite-Host-Relationships including Immunology and Host Specificity; Life History, Ecology and Epidemiology; and Diagnosis, Chemotherapy and Control of Parasitic Diseases.

  • 114 Volumes
  • 633 Issues
  • 10,716 Articles
  • 171 Open Access
  • 1929 - 2015 Available