Histochemistry and Cell Biology

ISSN: 0948-6143 (Print) 1432-119X (Online)


Histochemistry and Cell Biology is devoted to the field of molecular histology and cell biology, publishing original articles dealing with the localization and identification of molecular components, metabolic activities and cell biological aspects of cells and tissues. Coverage extends to the development, application, and/or evaluation of methods and probes that can be used in the entire area of histochemistry and cell biology. This is the official journal of the Society for Histochemistry.

141 Volumes 671 Issues 7,485 Articles available from 1959 - 2014

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From Volume 38 (1974) to Volume 102 (1994), this journal was published as Histochemistry.From Volume 4 (1964) to Volume 37 (1973), this journal was published as Histochemie.From Volume 1 (1958) to Volume 3 (1962), this journal was published as Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und mikroskopische Anatomie - Section Histochemie.