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The International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC), tracks worldwide developments in intellectual property and competition law, presenting the finest academic research in these fields from a European legal perspective.  

Our scholarly emphasis concentrates on disseminating and expanding upon the European approach to law. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from other (esp. several US) publications. To this end we focus on two specific aims:

(1)   The most significant legal developments from around the world (including, in particular, Asia), are taken up and considered within the European context. These developments are presented in a manner that is understandable not only to a European audience, but also to US and Japanese readers.

(2)   Current legal developments occurring in Europe are examined in such a way that the non-European reader can appreciate their significance.

IIC offers a platform for opposing ideas, providing for rich debate on a host of current IP and competition law topics.

The value of IIC for European specialists, going beyond other “European” journals, rests in our treatment of non-European topics combined with our illuminating analyses of European legal developments as seen within a global legal context.

For non-European specialists, IIC is the medium of choice as it explores developments extending beyond strictly European legal issues (i.e. developments in Asia, India, the Near East, Africa, Latin and North America), while at the same time conveying a European viewpoint on these events. In this respect, the target readership comprises those (including Americans and Asians) interested in more than merely legal developments in the USA.

We make no compromises with regard to the scholarly nature of the journal. This commitment is the aspect that separates IIC from a host of other journals on the topic. However, the communication of our content consistently maintains a

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