Global Business Perspectives

ISSN: 2194-0061 (Print) 2194-007X (Online)


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The Journal of the International Network of Business and Management (JINBAM) probes the characteristics of businesses that are competitive in the present era of globalization. Coverage spans service and manufacturing settings, and includes for-profit and non-profit organizations in local, regional, national and international economies. The journal offers conceptual and empirical contributions across all sub-disciplines of business and management, applying a variety of methodological approaches and demonstrating practical implications. The journal integrates theory and research from a range of disciplines including entrepreneurship, human resources, SMEs, internationalization, information systems, and management of knowledge management, innovation, technology and project management.

The journal is sponsored by the International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM), a global society of editors of key international business and management journals.  

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