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Current Ophthalmology Reports is a source for expert review articles on the most significant recent developments in the field of ophthalmology, providing clear, insightful, balanced contributions to benefit those who diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent ocular conditions and diseases.


International authorities in ophthalmology serve as Section Editors, choosing key topics for which leading experts contribute comprehensive review articles that emphasize new developments and recently published papers of major importance, highlighted by annotated reference lists.


Coverage includes such topics as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, ocular infections, refractive surgery and stem cell therapy.

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Latest Articles

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    Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma (R Kuchtey, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma

    Diagnosis and Monitoring of Low-Tension Glaucoma

    Anitra Turner, Anjali Bhorade (February 2017)

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    Ocular Infections (B Jeng and L Schocket, Section Editors)

    Topical Collection Topical Collection on Ocular Infections

    Twenty-Seven-Gauge Vitrectomy

    Paulo Ricardo Chaves de Oliveira, David Robert Chow (February 2017)

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    Corneal Transplantation (P Hamrah, Section Editor)

    Topical Collection Corneal Transplantation

    Pediatric Corneal Transplantation—Where Are We Heading?

    Simon S. M. Fung, Asim Ali, Kamiar Mireskandari (February 2017)