Journal of Evolution Equations

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The Journal of Evolution Equations (JEE) publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers on equations dealing with time dependent systems and ranging from abstract theory to concrete applications.Research articles should contain new and important results. Survey articles on recent developments are also considered as important contributions to the field.Particular topics covered by the journal are:

Linear and Nonlinear Semigroups Parabolic and Hyperbolic Partial Differential EquationsReaction Diffusion Equations Deterministic and Stochastic Control SystemsTransport and Population EquationsVolterra EquationsDelay EquationsStochastic Processes and Dirichlet FormsMaximal Regularity and Functional CalculiAsymptotics and Qualitative Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Evolution EquationsEvolution Equations in Mathematical Physics Elliptic Operators

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J. Evol. Equ.
First published in 2001
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ISSN 1424-3199 (print)
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