The Journal of Membrane Biology

ISSN: 0022-2631 (Print) 1432-1424 (Online)


The Journal of Membrane Biology (JMB) publishes papers on the nature, structure, genesis and functions of biological membranes, and on the physics and chemistry of artificial membranes with a bearing on biomembranes. JMB offers articles dealing with plasma membranes; intracellular membranes; membrane organs; biomembrane models; and general considerations of two dimensional biological structures. Coverage includes chemical and physical structure; immunochemical properties and fingerprinting; colloid and surface chemistry; transport and secretory functions, including natural and artificial transport carrier systems, membrane channels, diffusion and pinocytosis; metabolic functions, membrane-bound enzyme systems, transduction; electrical phenomena in excitable membranes, nerve, muscle, receptors, etc; membrane–membrane interaction, intercellular communication; membrane synthesis and replication; cell regulatory functions of membranes and cybernetic aspects; membrane genetics; evolution and comparative aspects of biomembranes.

250 Volumes 657 Issues 5,707 Articles available from 1969 - 2014

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