Wood Science and Technology

ISSN: 0043-7719 (Print) 1432-5225 (Online)


Wood Science and Technology publishes research articles and reviews covering the entire field of wood and pulp. Coverage extends to wood anatomy and ultrastructure, all aspects of the biology of wood, including the cytology of cambium, xylem and phloem, tree physiology and the microbiological degradation of wood, the chemistry of wood and bark, and wood physics. Also addressed are problems related to wood technology: combustion, drying, and impregnation of wood, its machining, gluing, and finishing, timber mechanics and rheology, and the conversion of wood into pulp. The Editor-in-Chief is Gerd Wegener, Technische Universität München, Germany; the Co-Editor-in-Chief is J.R. Barnett, School of Plant Sciences, The University of Reading, England UK

48 Volumes 239 Issues 2,122 Articles available from 1967 - 2014

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