Mathematical Methods of Operations Research

ISSN: 1432-2994 (Print) 1432-5217 (Online)


This journal is jointly sponsored by Gesellschaft fuer Operations Research (The German OR Society) and the Nederlands Genootschap voor Besliskunde (The Dutch OR Society). It features contributions to mathematics, statistics, and computer science that have special relevance to operations research.

The journal publishes theoretical and applied papers with substantial mathematical interest in the areas of mathematical programming, continuous and discrete and combinatorial optimization, stochastic models, Markov decision processes and stochastic programming, dynamic programming, control theory, game theory, graphs and networks, queueing systems, inventory and reliability.

The journal also covers mathematical methods and applications in economics, business administration, finance, and engineering. In addition, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research includes a special section devoted to review papers on mathematical methods and models in interesting fields of operations research and related optimization theory.

Officially cited as: Math Meth Oper Res

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