ISSN: 1934-8630 (Print) 1559-4106 (Online)


Biointerphases is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It  is an interdisciplinary journal which explores all aspects of quantitative soft matter interfaces: chemistry, physics, engineering, theory and modeling. Topics covered include interface spectroscopy, in vivo and in vitro mechanisms, interface modeling, adhesion phenomena, protein-surface interactions, biomembranes on a chip, cell-surface interactions, biosensors/biodiagnostics, bio-surface modification, the nano-bio interface, biotribology/biorheology, molecular recognition, cell patterning for function, polyelectrolyte surfaces, and ambient diagnostic methods. In addition to regular submissions, the journal includes the In Focus section of features, examining specific topics and edited by experts in the field.

8 Volumes 26 Issues 301 Articles available from 2006 - 2013

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