ISSN: 1827-8590 (Print) 2240-5291 (Online)


NUTRAfoods is an international, peer reviewed, quarterly Journal focusing on nutraceuticals and covering dietary-food supplements, herbals, functional foods and beverages and other topics in the field. Aim of NUTRAfoods is to provide information to readers about all aspects of ingredients and products development, from chemistry, biochemistry and formulation to kinetic and safety testing. Specific attention will be devoted to efficacy studies, both preclinical and clinical.

The Journal publishes original articles including full-length or short scientific and technical research reports on health effects and development of food supplements, ingredients and finished products. Reviews and monographs are generally invited; letters will be accepted and published in accordance with the editorial board if topics discussed are of general interest to readers. The  Journal also publishes supplements containing proceedings of symposia or special meetings.

  • 6 Volumes
  • 20 Issues
  • 147 Articles
  • 2 Open Access
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