Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A Systems View Across Time and Space

ISSN: 2192-5372 (Online)


Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It presents current academic research and practical findings, investigating why some regions grow as others stagnate, and measuring effects and implications in the context of historical evolution and geographical location. Coverage includes innovation and entrepreneurship in such emerging markets as China, India, Russia and Latin America.

 The Journal addresses questions driving policy and decision-making at the company, industry, national and regional levels: How does progress occur? What processes and institutions are involved? How are new businesses created? What cultural traits foster or impede innovation? How is wealth distributed or concentrated?

The Journal probes whether innovation emerges differently across such sectors as health, education, technology and the social and physical sciences, and explores patterns, triggers, catalysts and accelerators to innovation, gauging their impact on future research, practice and policy.

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