Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring

ISSN: 2190-5452 (Print) 2190-5479 (Online)


The Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring (JCSHM) publishes articles to advance the understanding and the application of health monitoring methods for the condition assessment and management of the civil infrastructure systems.
JCSHM serves as a focal point for international sharing of knowledge and experience in technologies impacting the discipline of Civionics and Civil Structural Health Monitoring, especially in terms of load capacity ratings and service life estimation.
Original articles to further the state-of-the-art in diagnostics, and prognostics for civil infrastructure systems including highways, bridges, buildings, airports, seaports, railroads, water resources systems, oil and gas pipelines, and others are welcomed.
There is an important role for papers that address the application (successful or from a lesson learned aspect) of principles. This is of course the key facet of engineering as opposed to basic science - engineers take ideas and develop them into applications and use in the field.
It shall be noted that the quality of the journal is based on peer review. The Editors welcome to hear about the reader’s opinions and citations.

4 Volumes 12 Issues 84 Articles available from 2011 - 2014

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