Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine

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Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in Medicine (APESM) is a multidisciplinary forum for information and research on the application of physics and engineering to medicine and human physiology, that covers a broad range of topics listed below.

Medical physics in radiotherapy
Medical physics in diagnostic radiology
Medical physics in nuclear medicine
Mathematical modelling applied to medicine and human biology
Clinical biomedical engineering
Feature extraction, classification of EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, and other biomedical signals;
Medical imaging - contributions to new and improved methods;
Modelling of physiological systems, including blood flow in blood vessels, organ function, etc.;
Image processing to extract information from images, e.g. fMRI, CT, etc.;
Biomechanics, especially with applications to orthopaedics.
Nanotechnology in medicine

APESM offers original reviews, scientific papers, scientific notes, technical papers, educational notes, book reviews and letters to the editor.

APESM is the journal of the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine, and also the official journal of the College of Biomedical Engineers, Engineers Australia and the Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics.

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