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Datenbank-Spektrum ist das offizielle Organ der Fachgruppe Datenbanken und Information Retrieval der Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) e.V. Die Zeitschrift widmet sich den Themen Datenbanken, Datenbankanwendungen und Information Retrieval. Sie vermittelt fundiertes Wissen über die aktuellen Standards und Technologien, deren Einsatz und ihre kommerzielle Relevanz.

Neben Grundlagenbeiträgen, Tutorials, wissenschaftlichen Fachbeiträgen, aktuellen Forschungsergebnissen finden sich in jeder Ausgabe auch Informationen über die Aktivitäten der Fachgruppen, zu Konferenzen und Workshops und über neue Produkte und Bücher. Ein renommiertes Herausgebergremium aus Hochschule und Industrie gewährleistet die Qualität und fachliche Kompetenz der Beiträge.

Künftige Schwerpunktthemen:

Data Management for Mobility

Mobility is a major factor in our society and daily life. Thus, approaches for data management need to address the resulting dynamics, geospatial and temporal relationships, and distribution of resources. InWeb design, the methodology of „mobile first“ – developing newWeb applications for mobile usage first and adapt it later for the desktop case – is widely embraced by industry. However, it often only considers the user interface and not the data management. This special issue addresses novel approaches and solutions for mobile data management. We invite submissions on original research as well as overview articles covering topics from the following non-exclusive list:
- Data management for mobile applications
- Context awareness in mobile applications
- Analytic techniques in mobile applications
- Management of moving objects
- Data-intensive mobile computing and cloud computing
- Data stream management
- Complex event processing
- Case studies and applications
- Foundations of data-intensive mobile computing

Expected size of the paper: 8 – 10 pages (double-column)
Important dates:
Notice of intent for a contribution: December 15th, 2014
Deadline for submissions: February 1st, 2015
Issue delivery: DASP-2-2015 (July 2015)
Guest editors:
Bernhard Mitschang, University of Stuttgart
Daniela Nicklas, University of Bamberg

Best Workshop Papers of BTW 2015

This special issue of the “Datenbank-Spektrum” is dedicated to the Best Papers of the Workshops running at the BTW 2015 at the University of Hamburg. The selected Workshop contributions should be extended to match the format of regular DASP papers.
Paper format: 8–10 pages, double column
Selection of the Best Papers by the Workshop chairs and the guest editor: April 15th, 2015
Guest editor:
Theo Härder, University of Kaiserslautern,
Deadline for submissions: June 1st, 2015

Big Data & IR

The term Big Data refers to data and respective processing strategies, which, due to their sheer size, require a data center for the processing, and which become available through the ubiquitous computer and sensor technology in many facets of everyday life. Interesting scientific questions in this regard are the organization and management of Big Data, but also the identification of problems that now can be studied and better understood through the collection and analysis of Big Data. In the context of information retrieval as the purposeful search for relevant content, there are two main challenges: 1) retrieval in Big Data and 2) improved retrieval because of Big Data.
Retrieval in Big Data focuses on the organization, the management, and the quick access to Big Data, but also addresses the creative process of identifying interesting research questions that can only be understood and answered in Big Data. Besides the development of powerful frameworks for the maintenance and analysis of text, multimedia, sensor, and simulation data, an important research direction is the question of what kind of insights Big Data may give us today and in the future.
The second challenge in the context of Big Data & IR is the improvement of retrieval approaches through Big Data. Examples include the classic question of improved Web or eCommerce search via machine learning on user behavior data, the usage of user context for retrieval, or the exploitation of semantic data like Linked Open Data or knowledge graphs.
We are looking for contributions from researchers and practitioners in the above described context. The contributions may be submitted in German or in English and should observe a length of 8–10 pages in the Datenbank-Spektrum format (cf. the author guidelines at
Important dates:
- Notice of intent for a contribution: August 15th, 2015
- Deadline for submissions: October 1st, 2015
- Issue delivery: DASP-1-2016 (March 2016)
Guest editors:
Matthias Hagen, UniversitätWeimar
Benno Stein, UniversitätWeimar

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