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EPMA Journal

ISSN: 1878-5077 (Print) 1878-5085 (Online)


Mission of the EPMA-Journal

The paradigm change from late and delayed interventional to predictive, preventive and personalized medicine (PPPM) is a leading global challenge in the 21st century. Of paramount importance is the communication among professionals - medical doctors, biotechnologists, computer scientists, healthcare providers, policy-makers, educators, and so on. The overall concept in the field is coordinated by the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine (EPMA), which is active in more than 40 countries in Europe and worldwide. A letter of support from the Organisation of United Nations (UNO) placed emphasis on advances in medical research, training and care as the "key to realizing the Millennium Development Goals and to advancing public health". Furthermore, the UNO values EPMA efforts in contributing to developments in the medical field towards common goals of improving the healthcare and does not doubt that EPMA serves as a strong platform for medical innovation in support of the shared objectives. The Vice-Secretary General of UNO welcomes "in particular, the focus on collaboration with international organisations, which can serve to link the work of the EPMA with the efforts of the international community for global public health". Therefore, the mission of The EPMA Journal is to inform the readers about progress in innovative medical sciences.

5 Volumes 13 Issues 343 Articles available from 2010 - 2014

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