AMS Review

ISSN: 1869-814X (Print) 1869-8182 (Online)


The AMS Review is positioned to be the premier marketing journal that focuses exclusively on conceptual and theoretical contributions across all sub-discipline areas in the field of marketing. It will publish articles that engage theoretical issues in marketing in the broad sense. The AMS Review is receptive to different philosophical perspectives and levels of analysis that range from micro to macro. Especially welcome are manuscripts that integrate research and theory from non-marketing disciplines such as management, sociology, economics, psychology, geography, anthropology, or other behavioral sciences. Examples of suitable manuscripts include those incorporating conceptual and organizing frameworks or models, those extending, comparing, or critically evaluating existing theories, and those suggesting new or innovative theories. Comprehensive and integrative quantitative syntheses of research literatures (i.e., meta-analyses) are encouraged, as are paradigm-shifting manuscripts. Manuscripts that focus on descriptive literature reviews, proselytize research methods or techniques, or report empirical research findings will not be considered for publication in the Review. Similarly, the Review will not publish manuscripts focusing on practitioner advice or marketing education

4 Volumes 10 Issues 58 Articles available from 2011 - 2014

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