Water Quality, Exposure and Health

ISSN: 1876-1658 (Print) 1876-1666 (Online)


It is a multidisciplinary journal focused on global human health consequences of exposure to water pollution in natural and engineered environments. The journal provides a unique platform for scientists in this field to exchange ideas and share information on research for the solution of health effects of exposure to water pollution.

Coverage encompasses Engineering sciences; Biogeochemical sciences; Health sciences; Exposure analysis and Epidemiology; Social sciences and public policy; Mathematical, numerical and statistical methods; Experimental, data collection and data analysis methods and more.

Research topics include local, regional and global water pollution, exposure and health problems; health risk analysis of water pollution, methods of quantification and analysis of risk under uncertainty; aquatic biogeochemical processes in natural and engineered systems and health effects; analysis of pollution, exposure and health data; and more.



  • 7 Volumes
  • 22 Issues
  • 165 Articles
  • 3 Open Access
  • 2009 - 2015 Available between