Identity in the Information Society

ISSN: 1876-0678 (Online)


Publish Open Access for free @ IDIS This journal is an open access journal, which provides free access to its articles to anyone, anywhere! For readers: All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial License. You can read, redistribute and reuse the articles for free, as long as you cite the authors of the original work properly and do not use them for commercial purposes. For authors: In 2009 and 2010 no open access fee applies for this journal. By publishing with open access you can keep the copyright and you assign only the exclusive right to any commercial use of the article to Springer. Identity in the Information Society (IDIS) is an international, multidisciplinary journal that promotes the study of identity in the information society. Identity is now a key issue for citizens, business and state. The journal explores the developing relationships between identity, security and privacy in an information-intensive society that in the name of security, better marketing or more efficient delivery of goods and services relentlessly tracks physical persons, their financial transactions, and their health. Articles range across research, practice, current issues and debates. IDIS specifically encourages articles from different disciplinary sources, reflecting the broad nature of the topic with its interwoven concerns of law, technology, and information systems alongside other social, political and management issues.

3 Volumes 7 Issues 77 Articles available from 2008 - 2010

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