Microgravity Science and Technology

ISSN: 0938-0108 (Print) 1875-0494 (Online)


An International Journal for Microgravity and Space Exploration Related Research Platforms like drop towers, parabolic flights, sounding rockets, reentry capsules and orbiting platforms provide the unique environment of compensated gravity which can only be achieved on earth in very limited situations.
The journal Microgravity - Science and Technology publishes papers describing the preparation, the performance and the evaluation as well as preliminary results of experiments on the above mentioned platforms. As such the journal will provide a useful source for practical references to how the final results have been achieved.

Papers published in Microgravity - Science and Technology are particularly useful as reference material for results in: - materials science
- fluid mechanics
- process engineering
- physics
- chemistry
- heat and mass transfer
- biology
- human physiology In addition papers regarding the development of experimental techniques and instrumentation for research under microgravity conditions are welcome. Microgravity - Science and Technology contains original scientific articles and notes as well as extended review papers on selected topics from the fields defined above. Contributions from fundamental and application oriented research are invited as well.

14 Volumes 53 Issues 719 Articles available from 2002 - 2014

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