Volume 1, Issue 4, October 2008

Special Issue: The Evolution of Eyes

ISSN: 1936-6426 (Print) 1936-6434 (Online)

In this issue (26 articles)

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    T. Ryan Gregory Pages 352-354
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    Original Scientific Article

    The Evolution of Complex Organs

    T. Ryan Gregory Pages 358-389
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    Views from Understanding Evolution

    Bringing Homologies Into Focus

    Anastasia Thanukos Pages 498-504
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    Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education

    Misconceptions About the Evolution of Complexity

    Andrew J. Petto, Louise S. Mead Pages 505-508
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    Curriculum/Education Article

    Relevance in Education?

    David Zeigler Pages 517-519
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    Curriculum/Education Article

    Building Stone Treasure Troves

    Sidney Horenstein Pages 520-530
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