Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin

ISSN: 0027-1314 (Print) 1935-0260 (Online)


The Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin publishes original articles, brief communications and reviews spanning modern chemistry. Members of the MSU Faculty have conducted important studies of new semiconductors and high temperature superconductors; synthesis of hundreds of new complex organic and organoelemental compounds, and new pharmaceuticals and new polymers with liquid crystal properties. They have contributed significantly to the development of the modern theories of catalysis, photochemistry, electrochemistry and high dispersion systems. This front line periodical for dissemination of their results, presents both theoretical and experimental papers.

Coverage spans the field, including physical chemistry; analytical chemistry; general and inorganic chemistry; organic chemistry; chemistry of natural compounds; colloid chemistry; radiochemistry; high pressure chemistry; petroleum chemistry and organic catalysis; electrochemistry; chemical kinetics; polymer chemistry; laser chemistry.

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