European Review of Aging and Physical Activity

ISSN: 1813-7253 (Print) 1861-6909 (Online)


The European Review of Aging and Physical Activity is an open access journal disseminating research on issues related to physical activity and aging in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.

The European Review of Aging and Physical Activity (EURAPA) welcomes researchers and practitioners wishing to look beyond the borders of their specialization. The journal aims to provide an international forum for the advancement of our understanding of the relationships between aging and physical activity. Research approaches in the field of aging and physical activity emerge from several disciplines and the scope of EURAPA encompasses biomedical as well as behavioral sciences. It covers topics ranging from biochemistry, biomechanics, clinical sciences, ethics and philosophy, exercise science, genetics, geriatrics, gerontology, immunology, health, motor learning and motor control, research methods, nutrition, physiology, psychology, and sociology. In addition to being a platform for established research groups, the journal invites novice researchers to submit reviews or original papers.

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