Journal of Soils and Sediments

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The Journal of Soils and Sediments (JSS) is devoted to soils and sediments; it deals with contaminated, intact and disturbed soils and sediments. JSS explores both the common aspects and the differences between these two environmental compartments. Inter-linkages at the catchment scale and with the Earth’s system (inter-compartment) are an important topic in JSS. The range of research coverage includes the effects of disturbances and contamination; research, strategies and technologies for prediction, prevention, and protection; identification and characterization; treatment, remediation and reuse; risk assessment and management; creation and implementation of quality standards; international regulation and legislation.

Potential authors are invited to check the contents of recent issues to determine whether their manuscript is suitable for JSS.

Research on effects caused by disturbances and contamination
Research, strategies and technologies for prediction, prevention, and protection
Research, strategies and technologies for identification and characterisation
Research, strategies and technologies for treatment, remediation and reuse
Strategies for risk assessment and management
Research on and the implementation of quality standards
International regulation and legislation.

General for soils and sediments: anthropogenic impacts, bioavailability, ecology, ecotoxicological effects, metals, natural attenuation, organic compounds, risk assessment, risk management, species sensitivity.

Keywords for Soils:
acidification, remediation: including bioremediation and phytoremediation, soil processes, soil function.

Keywords for Sediments:
sediment/water interaction, remediation of contaminated sediments, management of sediments and dredged material.

Target groups:
environmental scientists chemists, biologists, hydrologists, limnologists, geographers, geologists, mineralogists, environmental managers, agriculturists, foresters, landscape designers, technologists, waste and remediation specialists, lawyers.

Target areas:
academia and industry, research and technology, consultancy, administrative bodies, non-government organisations, legislation and regulation.


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