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The journal Psychometrika is devoted to the advancement of theory and methodology for behavioral data in psychology, education and the social and behavioral sciences generally. Its coverage is offered in two sections: Theory and Methods (T& M), and Application Reviews and Case Studies (ARCS). T&M articles present original research and reviews on the development of quantitative models, statistical methods, and mathematical techniques for evaluating data from psychology, the social and behavioral sciences and related fields. Application Reviews can be integrative, drawing together disparate methodologies for applications, or comparative and evaluative, discussing advantages and disadvantages of one or more methodologies in applications. Case Studies highlight methodology that deepens understanding of substantive phenomena through more informative data analysis, or more elegant data description.

Officially cited as: Psychometrika

Psychometrika is published in cooperation with The Psychometric Society.

Data sets and computer code
In the interest of transparency and reproducibility of results, Psychometika strongly encourages authors to include with published papers, where possible, electronic supplementary materials which will be published online on SpringerLink with the article.  This includes data and  code. Data and code should be clearly documented to allow replication and verification of the results presented in the final version of the paper. Authors should specify the type of supplementary material they will be able to provide at the time of submission, and this information will be taken into account in the review process.

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