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Synthese is a philosophy journal focusing on contemporary issues in epistemology, philosophy of science, and related fields. More specifically, we divide our areas of interest into four groups: (1) epistemology, methodology, and philosophy of science, all broadly understood. (2) The foundations of logic and mathematics, where ‘logic’, ‘mathematics’, and ‘foundations’ are all broadly understood. (3) Formal methods in philosophy, including methods connecting philosophy to other academic fields. (4) Issues in ethics and the history and sociology of logic, mathematics, and science that contribute to the contemporary studies Synthese focuses on, as described in (1)-(3) above. 

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Latest Articles

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    The illusion of discretion

    Kurt Sylvan (July 2015)

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    S.I. : Vagueness and Probability

    Tolerance and higher-order vagueness

    Peter Pagin (July 2015)

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    S.I.: Future of Social Cognition

    The unobservability thesis

    Søren Overgaard (June 2015)