Set-Valued and Variational Analysis

Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1877-0533 (Print) 1877-0541 (Online)


The journal of SET-VALUED AND VARIATIONAL ANALYSIS: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS is devoted to mathematical aspects of variational analysis, set-valued mappings, and associated topics, and to the applications of these aspects including mathematical optimization and related areas.

The journal serves both specialists and users of set-valued and variational analysis, by building strong interactions between them, with applications being especially welcome.

The policy of the journal is to promote works with some new relevant ideas, discouraging the publication of minor refinements of previous results, including manuscripts whose unique contribution is a generalization or an extension to a different space, per se, without proper motivation.

The scope of the journal includes variational analysis and its applications to mathematics, economics, and engineering; set-valued analysis and generalized differential calculus; numerical and computational aspects of set-valued and variational analysis; variational and set-valued techniques in the presence of uncertainty; equilibrium problems; variational principles and calculus of variations; optimal control; viability theory; variational inequalities and variational convergence; fixed points of set-valued mappings; differential, integral, and operator inclusions; methods of variational and set-valued analysis in models of mechanics, systems control, economics, computer vision, finance, and applied sciences. High quality papers dealing with any other theoretical aspect of control and optimization are also considered for publication.

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