Quarterly Review of Comparative Education

ISSN: 0033-1538 (Print) 1573-9090 (Online)


PROSPECTS, UNESCO's Quarterly Review of Comparative Education, has served as a platform for the exchange of ideas on current and controversial comparative and international educational themes for over thirty years. Founded in 1970, the journal is a landmark among many other peer-reviewed journals of comparative education. Unlike other journals in the field, which deal only with theoretical or research-related aspects of comparative education, PROSPECTS also focuses on policy implementation and aims at improving the extent and effectiveness of communication between theorists and researchers, on one side, and policy makers and practitioners, on the other. The journal adopts a strong international approach and promotes an open and fruitful dialogue among educators, researchers, policy makers, curriculum developers and other stakeholders from the field.

  • The journal gives the floor to authors from around the world, with a special focus on developing and transition countries.
  • It enables the UNESCO to communicate directly and indirectly with an international audience of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, graduate students and educators.
  • The journal regularly invites experts from UNESCO to supervise issues, reflecting the organization's current priorities.
  • It also invites experts from academic institutions as guest editors for some special issues.
  • The journal provides scholars in many different countries with the only source of information on comparative and international education, available in their national language.
  • Editions in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish are available as well. Information on these publications can be obtained from

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