Open Systems and Information Dynamics

ISSN: 1230-1612 (Print) 1573-1324 (Online)


Open Systems and Information Dynamics promotes interdisciplinary research in mathematics, physics, engineering and life sciences centered on the issues of broadly understood information processing, storage and transmission, in both quantum and classical settings. The journal’s special interest lies in the information-theoretic approach to phenomena dealing with dynamics and thermodynamics, control, communication, filtering, memory and cooperative behaviour, etc., in open complex systems. Coverage includes such topics as: theory of quantum information, including entropy entanglement and measurement, quantum communication, computing and cryptography; open systems, decoherence, classical and quantum noise; bioinformatics;

information/entropy in complex dynamical systems; complexity theory of classical and quantum systems; and other models of information processing.

The Journal presents theoretically oriented material (even purely mathematical) as well as contributions of applied character.

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