Journal of Paleolimnology

ISSN: 0921-2728 (Print) 1573-0417 (Online)


This journal provides a vehicle for the rapid dissemination of original scientific work dealing with the reconstruction of lake histories. Although the majority of papers deal with lakes, it also publishes paleoenvironmental studies of river, wetland, peatland and estuary systems. In addition to original data and ideas, the Journal of Paleolimnology publishes review articles, commentaries, book reviews and program announcements.Like the subject itself, this journal is multidisciplinary in nature, and publishes papers concerned with biological, chemical, physical, and geological methods that are used to reconstruct and interpret lake histories.The Journal of Paleolimnology continues to be a major repository for papers dealing with climatic change, as well as other pressing topics, such as global environmental change, lake acidification, eutrophication, long-term monitoring, and other aspects of lake histories ontogeny.MEET THE EDITORS!
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52 Volumes 192 Issues 1,889 Articles available from 1988 - 2014

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