Evolutionary Ecology

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New Focus for our Journal

The relationship between Ecology and Evolution is both intimate and fundamental, yet the field of Evolutionary Ecology is not a strong or obvious focus of research activity. Habitats and climate have been changing at various temporal and spatial scales since the origin of life. Although this variation can have a profound effect on both ecological and evolutionary processes, the interplay between ecology and evolution remains comparatively neglected. Most researchers in evolution are more concerned with the pattern of evolution (phylogeny) and its genetic and developmental correlates than with the ecological causes of evolution. Similarly, ecologists often ignore the evolutionary implications of population and community processes, at least partially because it is difficult enough working out ecological processes when one assumes (implicitly) that all individuals are identical over short time scales. These cartoons of ecology and evolution reflect a fundamental gap in both subject matter and approach. I would like Evolutionary Ecology to fill this gap explicitly, providing the premier journal for research on both the evolutionary influences on ecological processes and on the ecological influences on evolutionary processes.


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