Discrete Event Dynamic Systems

ISSN: 0924-6703 (Print) 1573-7594 (Online)


This journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers on the modeling and control of discrete event dynamical systems (DEDS). It presents general theories and methodologies of DEDSs and their applications as well as discusses practical problems from which some generally applicable DEDS theories or methodologies can be formulated. The scope of the journal is defined by its emphasis on the modeling of discrete events by dynamic systems, and on problems of their control and optimization.

Discrete Event Dynamic Systems covers all aspects of DEDS, including: theory and formal models (supervisory control, Petri-Nets, Min-Max-plus algebra, DEDS specification, or simulation formalisms), performance analysis, optimization, and optimal control (perturbation analysis, control synthesis, sample-path-based approaches, AI-based learning schemes, scalable solutions to large and complex systems), and applications (case studies and software engineering).

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