Incorporating Methods in Cell Science International Journal of Cell Culture and Biotechnology

ISSN: 0920-9069 (Print) 1573-0778 (Online)


Cytotechnology incorporating Methods in Cell Science is an international journal covering up-to-date developments, methods and techniques in cell culture research involving in vitro systems, as well as the applications of that research in human and veterinary medicine, toxicology, animal and plant cell biotechnology. The aim is to centralize information on both the infrastructure of cell technology and the applied use of cell cultures and thus generate a better understanding of the many facets and disciplines needed to develop successful cell culture processes.

Topics include the derivation, genetic modification and characterization of cell lines, cell culture techniques, cell culture systems, processes, reactors, scale-up, and industrial production, and the application of cells in a range of investigations, including application in gene therapy and tissue engineering.

The journal publishes original papers, reviews, short communications, meeting reports and book reviews.

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