Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy

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Designed to objectively cover the world of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapy, and to bring you the information you need most in a timely and useful format, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy takes a fresh and energetic look at advances in this dynamic field. Homing in on the most exciting work being done on new therapeutic agents, heart failure, hypertension and acute myocardial infarction, among others, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy is an authoritative source of current and relevant news that is indispensable for cardiologists seeking to best serve their patients.

Providing you with a single, concise reference tool acknowledged to be among the finest in the world, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy is listed in Current Contents and Index Medicus, the regular articles and frequent free supplementary issues equip you with an up-to-date source defined by the need for accurate information on an ever-changing field. Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy is a careful and accurate guide through the maze of new products and therapies which furnishes you with the details on cardiovascular pharmacology that you will refer to time and time again.

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