ISSN: 0923-179X (Print) 1573-8272 (Online)


BIOSEPARATION PUBLICATION CEASED IN 2001. VOLUME 10 WAS THE LAST VOLUME PUBLISHED. Bioseparation publishes papers on all aspects of separation science applicable or potentially applicable to commercial-scale biotechnological processes.

Areas of particular interest include: recovery and purification of proteins, carbohydrates, antibiotics, biopolymers and other biomolecules
cell harvesting, cell disruption and primary separation
recovery of extracellular enzymes
process development and control, especially integration of operations and continuous processing
phase partitioning, flocculation, centrifugation, filtration and precipitation
adsorption, chromatography, membrane-based separations and electrophoresis
developments and refinement of existing techniques
applications of genetic engineering technology to bioseparation
effects of cell physiology and compartmentalisation on separation
economics of separation processes.

4 Volumes 16 Issues 211 Articles available from 1998 - 2001

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