Journal of Pest Science

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Journal of Pest Science publishes high-quality papers on all aspects of pest science in agriculture, horticulture (including viticulture), forestry, urban pests, and stored products research, including health and safety issues.

Journal of Pest Science reports on advances in control of pests and vectors of diseases, the biology, ethology and ecology of pests and their antagonists, and the use of other beneficial organisms in pest control. The journal covers all noxious or damaging organisms, including arthropods, nematodes, molluscs, vertebrates, plant pathogens, and weeds.

Journal of Pest Science devotes special attention to emerging and innovative pest control strategies, including the side effects of such approaches on non-target organisms, for example natural enemies and pollinators, and the implementation of these strategies in integrated pest management.

Journal of Pest Science also publishes papers on the management of agro- and forest ecosystems where this is relevant to pest control. Papers on technical developments relevant for pest control will be considered as well.

Moreover, the journal welcomes commentaries on pressing topics in pest control, as for example the current spread of invasive pests. These articles will be fast-tracked, to rapidly provide scientists and pest control practitioners with the latest information.

For more information please read - freely available - "Editorial 2012: shaping the profile of Journal of Pest Science", J Pest Sci (2012) 85:1, 1–3.

We aim to provide rapid publication and speedy responses to authors, with all papers being reviewed by independent referees.

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