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Mycoscience publishes original research articles (full papers, short communications, and notes) and reviews on various aspects of fungi including yeasts and other organisms traditionally studied by mycologists. The research covered ranges from purely scientific interests such as systematics (taxonomy by traditional methods and systematics by molecular methods), evolution, phylogeny, morphology, ecology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, to such agricultural, medical, and industrial applications as pathology (human, animal, and plant), pharmaceuticals, food processing, and other biotechnologies. Coverage extends to new and improved applications of well-established mycological techniques and methods.

The statistics for 2010 publications show:1. A total of 140 papers were submitted from 28 countries and regions.2. Approximately 50% of the 140 submissions were accepted for publication.3. Accepted papers were released by Online First Publication within 290 days on average after the original submission date (shortest time: 138 days). For the printed version, 437 days elapsed on average between the original submission date and the issue date (shortest time: 299 days). 4. Geographic regions of authors who cited Mycoscience were Japan (ca. 6%), Asia (ca. 24%), the Americas (ca. 24%), and Europe (ca. 27%).5. Over 7,200 research or higher education institutions worldwide had exposure to the journal as part of an online deal with the publisher. 6. Over 543,000 successful full-text downloads were recorded.

19 Volumes 104 Issues 1,312 Articles available from 1994 - 2012

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