Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment

The official journal of the IAEG

ISSN: 1435-9529 (Print) 1435-9537 (Online)


The Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment

reports on the investigation, study and solution of engineering and environmental problems arising from the interaction between geology and the activities of humanity, as well as measures for the prevention or remediation of geological hazards. This is the official journal of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment.

The journal discusses the geomorphology, structure, stratigraphy, lithology and ground water conditions of geological formations; characterisation of the mineralogical, physico-geomechanical, chemical and hydraulic properties of earth materials involved in construction, resource recovery and environmental change; assessment of the mechanical and hydrological behaviour of soil and rock masses; prediction of changes to the above properties with time; determination of the parameters to be considered in analyzing the stability of engineering works and earth masses; maintenance of the environmental condition and properties of the terrain.

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