Date: 10 Jun 2005

Polymers containing disulfide, tetrasulfide, diselenide and ditelluride linkages in the main chain

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The present review articulates the syntheses and properties of industrially important disulfide and tetrasulfide polymers. The diselenide and ditelluride polymers have also been reviewed, for the first time, so that a comprehensive view on the polymers containing group VIA elements can be obtained. The latter two polymers are gaining considerable current attention due to their semi-conducting properties. The emphasis has been made to sift through the developments in the last ten years or so to get the latest flavour in these rapidly developing polymers. We have also attempted to bring to the fore several contradicting results, like, for example, the crystallinity of ditelluride polymers, to clear the mist in such reports. We hope that this review will help those working in the field to assess the progress achieved in this area and that it may also provide useful orientation for those who wish to become involved.