Biographical Introduction

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The principal sources of primary biographical information on Johann Valentin Andreæ are his own manuscript autobiography Vita, ab eo conscripta,12 the Breviarium (for which the extract printed in Kienast has been followed, as being an earlier version of the text than the surviving copy in the Herzog August Bibliothek)13, and Andreæ’s Geschlecht-Register of 1644. These, and the available manuscript sources, have been studied in detail by Montgomery, whose account of ‘Andreæ’s life from the sources’ (1973:I,ii) is much the most comprehensive biographical study available in English. The following notes are severely selective, and are confined to aspects of Andreæ’s life and family history which may be considered to have a clear bearing upon the interpretation of Christianopolis. They are also restricted in general to the period up to 1620, by which time Christianopolis and the related Imago had been published.