Direct Methods for Solving the Boltzmann Equation and Study of Nonequilibrium Flows

Volume 60 of the series Fluid Mechanics and its Applications pp 181-209

One-Dimensional Kinetic Problems

  • V. V. AristovAffiliated withComputing Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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This chapter studies several relatively simple problems. Some of them can be considered as test cases, others have physical interest. The problems of heat transfer or the normal shock wave structure are, in fact, a part of more complex processes in a rarefied gas. Although these one-dimensional steady flows for monatomic gas are well investigated now, obtaining reliable test solutions is a special and not very simple problem. The conservative splitting method of the direct numerical analysis of the Boltzmann equation is one of the preferable approaches to attain this aim. One of the possible purposes can be a consideration of several methods, in order to understand the order of their accuracy.