Flacourtia jangomas

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Plate 1

Pinkish-reddish-brown juvenile leaves
Plate 2
Maturing buff coloured and deep-green shiny leaves
Plate 3
Axillary greenish-white flowers, some appearing before leaves
Plate 4
Flowers and young fruits
Plate 5
Ripe and immature fruits
Plate 6
Close-up of ripe fruits

Scientific Name

Flacourtia jangomas (Lour.) Raeusch.


Flacourtia cataphracta Roxb. ex Willd., Roumea jangomas Spreng., Stigmarota jangomas Lour., Xylosma borneense Ridley.


Salicaceae also placed in Flacourtiaceae.

Common/English Names

Coffee Plum, East Indian Plum, Indian Plum, Indian-Plum, Manila Cherry, Paniala, Puneala Plum, Rukam, Runeala-Plum, Spiked Flacourtia.

Vernacular Names

  • Arabic: Talisfir, Zarnab;

  • Antilles: Merisier Pays (French);

  • Brazil: Cereja-De-Cametá;

  • Burmese: Kyetyo Po, Mak Kyen, Naywe, Sumbrung;

  • Chinese: Yun Nan Ci Li Mu

  • Cook Islands: Venevene Pāma (Maori);

  • Dutch: Babydruif, Babykers;

  • French: Prunier D’inde, Prunier Malgache;

  • French Reunion: Prunier D´Inde, Prunier D’Inde;

  • German: Paniala;

  • India: Paniyal, Phinel, P