Date: 03 Nov 2012

Flacourtia indica

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Plate 1

Fruits and obovate leaves
Plate 2
Close-view of fruit
Plate 3
Ripe and immature Ramontchi fruit
Plate 4
Ramontchi fruit sliced to reveal the yellowish-brown flesh

Scientific Name

Flacourtia indica (Burm. f.) Merrill.


Flacourtia afra Pichi-Serm., Flacourtia balansae Gagnep., Flacourtia cataphracta Rolfr., Flacourtia frondosa Clos, Flacourtia heterophylla Turcz., Flacourtia hirtiuscula Oliv., Flacourtia lenis Craib, Flacourtia obcordata Roxb., Flacourtia parvifolia Merrill, Flacourtia perrottetiana Clos, Flacourtia ramontchi L’Her., Flacourtia rotundifolia Clos, Flacourtia sapida Roxb., Flacourtia sepiaria Roxb., Flacourtia thorelii Gagnep., Gmelina indica Burm. f., Mespilus sylvestris Burm., Myroxylon dicline Blanco, Rhamnopsis sepiaria Rchb., Sideroxylon spinosum Willd., Stigmarota africana Lour., Stigmarota edulis Blanco.


Salicaceae also placed in Flacourtiaceae.

Common/English Names

Batoka Plum, Batoko Plum, Botoko Plum, Ceyon Plum, Flacourtia, Governor’s Plum, Indian Plum, ...