Bonded Magnets

Volume 118 of the series NATO Science Series pp 45-54

Extruded and Calendered Bonded Magnets — An Overview

  • V. PanchanathanAffiliated withKane Magnetics International
  • , D. F. DavisAffiliated withKane Magnetics International

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Bonded magnets are a major growth area in permanent magnets. In 1999 the global bonded magnet production amounted to $875M, rising to S1092M in 2001. In 2001 bonded ferrite (which includes both flexible and rigid ferrite) accounted for $655M with the balance being bonded rare earth. The flexible ferrite production was $215M in 1999 increasing to $368M in 2001. Its global production in 1999 was 100,000 Tons increasing to ~ 115,000 Tons in 2001 [1,2,3].