Technological Developments in Networking, Education and Automation

pp 533-537


Vertical Handover between WiFi Network and WiMAX Network According to IEEE 802.21 Standard

  • Mariem ThaalbiAffiliated withResearch Unit MEDIATRON SUP’COM Email author 
  • , Nabil TabbaneAffiliated withResearch Unit MEDIATRON SUP’COM


IEEE 802.21 is one of the emerged standards designed to build handover between heterogeneous technologies while optimizing session continuity. In this paper we provide a performance evaluation of the vertical handover between WiFi and WiMAX using IEEE802.21 for different traffic flows: VoIP, video streaming and FTP. The performance metrics used for this evaluation include throughput, end-to-end delay and packet loss rate. The performance evaluation is done using the Network Simulator NS2.


WiFi WiMAX vertical handover IEEE802.21 MIH