Advanced Techniques in Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

pp 335-340


Towards Enterprise Integration Performance Assessment based on Category Theory

  • Victoria MikhnovskyAffiliated withConcordia University Email author 
  • , Olga OrmandjievaAffiliated withConcordia University

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A major difference between what we refer to as a “well-developed” science, such as civil engineering, and sciences which are less so, like enterprise engineering, is the degree to which nonfunctional requirements, such as performance, are integrated into the design and development process, and satisfaction of those requirements is controlled by theoretically valid measurement procedures. This paper introduces the preliminary results, which are aimed at developing a concise formal framework for enterprise performance modeling, measurement, and control during enterprise integration activities. The novelty of this research consists in employing the mathematical category theory for modeling purposes, an approach that is broad enough to formally capture heterogeneous (structural, functional and nonfunctional) requirements, by, for example, using the constructs from the graphical categorical formal language.


Performance modeling performance measurement enterprise integration category theory